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Select this link to see the specs for my building for lease.


I just received a bluetooth breakout board. My next project is to see if my Arduino can get GPS coordinates from my old cell phone via Bluetooth!.

Yeah, NO! I got it working with my PC and a bluetooth USB thumb drive, but the cell phone eludes me for now.


Clap on / clap off works great with the sound sensor board.

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This was four feet of snow in Denver!

it's me!

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This is the personal website for Bruce MacIntyre. In this site you will find my work on an Arduino computer, including the Fritzing files for the wiring diagrams for each of my circuit projects. You will also find photographs of my hobby projects, including my remodeling of two homes. More to come when I have time. - Later.


my Arduino

Here is a shot of my Arduino computer mounted on a piece of Lexan from Home Depot. I super-glued the Radio Shack breadboard to it. The Arduino motherboard, the PIR motion detector, and the solder breadboard are mounted on standoffs. As you can see it is fairly well populated right now. That's because I currently have 10 different projects being processed by the Arduino Computer at the same time! Rather than do just one project at a time, I decided to keep layering on one project after another. I have revamped the breadboard layout several times to keep things spaced out properly.

carbide latern

Next is a little project I did recently. I found a 100 year old miner's carbide lantern at a flea market for $30. I polished it with Brasso to clean it up and converted it to a bright blue 10mm LED. I recently received some bright white LEDs, so I'm going to try those instead. The battery, a 2032 cell mounted in a Radio Shack holder, is in the carbide tank. The wires to the LED use the original carbide gas tube that connects the tank to the outlet nozzle. I'm still working on how to integrate a switch into the lantern without destroying it. The reflector has a small ding on the edge and they still make replacements at, but I think I'll keep it all original.

all new kitchen

This picture is the kitchen from my latest house reno project. It was gutted completely to the studs, insulated with 1.5" of foam on the walls and R30 in the ceiling. All the electric was replaced and an ice maker line was run to the refrigerator.

It is fitted with new maple cabinets, pot lights in the ceiling, a new ceramic tile floor and all stainless steel appliances.

Check out the Remodels page for some side by side before and after pictures.